0103000 – Physical education and Sport

Cipher-name of the specialty:

0103000 – Physical education and Sport.


0103023- The teacher  of  physical training and sport.

Training period:

Daytime: 3 years 10 month, 2 years 10 month.

Objects of professional activity:

The objects of professional activity  Physical Education and Sport are various kinds and types: children’s and youth sports schools.

Subject of professional activity:

The subject of professional activity  of  Education in the specialty Physical Education and Sport is the pedagogical process for the implementation of physical training, physical education, sports training, recreation, rehabilitation.

Kinds of professional activity:

Physical training and sports can perform the following types of professional activities: educational (pedagogical) – education, correction, forecasting the results of pedagogical activity; study, generalization, disseminate best innovative practices in the field of physical education.

Base of practice:

Secondary school  №33.