1401000 – Construction of buildings and usage

Cipher – name of specialty:

1401000 – “Construction of buildings and usage”


1401213 “Technik-constructor”

Training period:

3 years 6 months

2 years 6 months

Objects of professional activity:

This speciality engages construction of houses and buildings, install equipments for underconstruction objectives acting.

Difference of this profession is that building-installiong organizations not deal with producing goods for dumps and fields.Construction works are carrying out in open areas and different natural conditions.That’s why construction objectives production period last from one month till several years.Construction gives good opportunity for cultural and economic development of the country.

Subjects of professional activity

  • Usage of design drawing and drawing geometry rules,principles in practice. Know basic electrotechnic principles and main account of electric supply of construction buildings.
  • Construction materials and products usage and use their knowledge of main characteristics in practice and how to accept and keep storage rules ,fulfill requirements to save consumption.
  • Plan and organize construction organization service
  • Construction organization management basis

Objects of professional activity:

  • Make construction drawing manually and by computer graphics.
  • Count basic rates of economic service in construction organization
  • Use marketinformation,know good entitlement,determinegood movement and realization.

Base of practice:

Constuction sites